Blog Entries - Oct. 2019

Photo Credit: Matt Kirby

Spooky Stories of the Golden Lamb

October 25, 2019  |  golden lamb, newsletter

At the Golden Lamb, we love showing our guests an out-of-this-world dining and lodging experience. You’d be surprised, though, just how many of our guests describe their visits as beyond this world.  Food

Golden Lamb in Lebanon, Ohio by photographer Matt Kirby
Photo Credit: Matt Kirby

Golden Lamb named "most haunted restaurant" in Ohio

October 15, 2019  |  golden lamb, in the news

By Layla Khoury-Hanold, Food Network "Jonas Seaman founded The Golden Lamb in 1803 in the newly settled town Lebanon with a $4 license to operate a "House of Public Entertainment." He couldn’t have

Golden Lamb in Lebanon, Ohio

Golden Lamb named "most famous restaurant" in Ohio

October 2, 2019  |  golden lamb, in the news

The most famous restaurant in every state By Karlina Valeiko, MSN "Built in 1803, this old colonial building has welcomed an impressive 12 US presidents over the years (the most recent being George W Bush).