image of bar at Black Horse Tavern

The Blackhorse Tavern is the heartbeat of the Golden Lamb. It’s not just a place, it is a promise.  Newly reimagined, the space and offerings have been inspired by artisans and craftsmen from the days gone by.  

Our community was built in this very room. Our place in history is woven into the books and stories of this Cincinnati Icon.  If these walls could talk oh the stories they'd tell. 

It's hard to describe. It's a feeling. It's something that you have to experience. 

It's a secret that you want to keep but are compelled to share. 

A special place that warms the heart and sometimes makes it skip a beat. 

It’s not a stop for the weary, the tired, the lost…rather a destination for the curious, the romantic, the brave! It’s a place for storytellers seeking new frontiers. 

Join us on our quest to deliver the ultimate Black Horse Tavern Experience, where our rich heritage inspires us to dream and try new things…and like those who came before us, deliver a sense of pride in our offering and our community.  “Be Ever Kind and True!”

The Black Horse Tavern is open seating and does not accept reservations for bar top, indoor or outdoor dining. 

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