The Magic Behind the Holiday Scenes!

January 30, 2024  |  golden lamb, newsletter
The magic behind the Golden Lamb Holiday Scenes
Pictured: Carolyn, Connie, Elaine E., Elaine F., Judy G., Judie L., Sue and Vicki.

Since 1803, we’ve been a gathering place. With that legacy comes a whole host of wonderful personalities who have helped make the Golden Lamb what it is today. As we tell stories of our past, we also want to bring you tales from the legends of our present! 


For more than four years, a dedicated group of friends has joined forces, channeling their collective talents to bring the holiday magic to life within the Golden Lamb. Now, as the Golden Lamb decorating crew celebrates the end of their fourth successful season, we invited them to come together and share their story in their own words.  


Q: What is your favorite part of working with the Golden Lamb? 

A:  In 2024, we celebrated our fourth year of decorating, and each year brings us immense joy to see the smiles of both guests and staff while they admire our decorations. The Golden Lamb management team and staff have consistently been supportive, accommodating, appreciative, and complimentary towards our efforts. 


Q: What do you wish people knew about the Golden Lamb holiday decor or decorating process? 

A: We wish people knew that decorating is a year-long process that includes planning, shopping, workshops, and organizing! Once those tasks are completed, we move on to staging and decorating, which typically takes about three and a half weeks. Dismantling the Christmas decorations afterward also takes approximately 3 weeks. 


Q: What drives you to dedicate and volunteer your time? 

A: The driving force behind our efforts is the friendship and camaraderie we build. Equally important is the satisfaction and pride we feel in transforming the Golden Lamb into a Christmas wonderland. The creative process not only feeds our passion but also strengthens our bond.  


Q: What does it mean to you that the Golden Lamb is part of so many traditions? 

A: The eight of us are deeply aware of the historical significance of both the Golden Lamb itself and the town of Lebanon, Ohio. We believe that we are becoming an integral part of their cherished Christmas traditions.  


Q: Do you have any favorite decorations? 

A: We aim for each dining room to showcase its unique theme, and we make a point to vary these themes annually. Every time we complete decorating a room, it quickly becomes our favorite, only to be surpassed by the next one we transform! 


Q: Can you highlight a specific room or decoration this year that was either a guest favorite or received particularly positive feedback?  

A: In 2023, we found that the lobby was a favorite among guests, providing a beautiful backdrop for numerous photographs taken there. We've spoken with many guests who returned multiple times throughout the year to relive the enchanting Christmas experience we helped create. 


Q: Anything else you want to share? 

A: The eight of us are friends, not a business, and we deeply enjoy the creative process that we feel produces beautiful results. Our talents and ideas complement one another. Ultimately, we aim to create a holiday experience in each dining room that is truly extraordinary for both guests and staff. 


Make your history part of our history — plan your trip to the Golden Lamb! 

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