Meet the Flock: Our 2024 Graduates!

May 30, 2024
GL seniors

Since 1803, we’ve been a gathering place. With that legacy comes a whole host of wonderful personalities who have helped make the Golden Lamb what it is today. As we tell stories of our past, we also want to bring you tales from the legends of our present!

This summer, we are honored to celebrate several graduating high school and college seniors! Dakota, Skyler, Will D., James, Jonas, Austyn, Tyler, Will B., Mazzy, Preston, Jonas, and Carlie have all been such outstanding members of our Golden Lamb team!  

We invited them to share their future plans and tell their Golden Lamb stories. Take a moment to get to know these remarkable graduates and join us in congratulating them as they embark on the next chapter of their lives! 

Dakota - Golden Lamb

Meet Dakota  

After graduation, Dakota will be continuing her education in the state of Washington at the University of Western Washington, where she will be studying biochemistry!  

After a year and six months of working at the Golden Lamb, Dakota says this job has allowed her to gain experience in various roles. Starting as a server assistant, she learned to bus tables, run food, and bar back. Transitioning to a hostess role, she enhanced her customer service skills, work ethic, and perseverance. Dakota believes this job has helped her become a well-rounded, strong, and independent young woman.  

Skyler GL

Meet Skyler  

After graduation, Skyler will be attending Cincinnati State to study pastry arts!  

After a year of working at the Golden Lamb, Skyler says she’s learned many things from this job, including time management, the importance of speaking up, and how awesome her coworkers are!   



Will Dryer - Golden Lamb

Meet Will   

After graduation, Will is continuing his education at the University of Cincinnati, where he’ll be studying for a Bachelor's degree in cyber security.   

After two years working at the Golden Lamb, Will says he’s strengthened both his communication and time management skills.  





Golden Lamb

Meet James  

After graduation, James plans to study at the University of Cincinnati before attending graduate school for his law degree.  

After eight months of working at the Golden Lamb, James has learned that even on the slowest or busiest of days, teamwork makes the dream work!  


Meet Austyn  

Austyn has been working at the Golden Lamb for two years!  

After graduation, Austyn plans to join Bowling Green’s ROTC program and study political science. Her time at the Golden Lamb has taught her the importance of hard work and how to multitask. Most importantly, she has learned that doing a job right is crucial because it impacts others.  



Tyler - GL

Meet Tyler  

After graduation, Tyler plans to take a gap year before joining an art school in North Carolina to study film and media production.  

Working at the Golden Lamb for nearly a year has taught him to “take the initiative,” adding that getting your job done will get you much further than not! 

will b

Meet Will B.   

Will has been a part of the Golden Lamb team for nearly two years! 

After graduation, he plans to attend the University of Cincinnati to study interior design and architecture. His time at the Golden Lamb has taught him how to be a valuable part of a team.  

mazzy GL

Meet Mazzy  

Mazzy has been part of the Golden Lamb team for nearly a month!  

After graduation, Mazzy plans to attend Sinclair Community College and study respiratory therapy. She says her time at the Golden Lamb has taught her the importance of teamwork and collaboration. 



preston GL

Meet Preston  

Preston has been a part of the Golden Lamb team for six months!  

After graduation, Preston plans to join the military. He says his time at the Golden Lamb has taught him the importance of hard work and discipline.   



Jonas GL

Meet Jonas  

After graduation, Jonas plans to tour with Phish this summer, then move to France to study abroad and finish his bachelor's degree. Three and a half years at the Golden Lamb has taught him how to operate under pressure, improve his sales skills, effectively communicate, and work as part of a team.  




Carlie GL

Meet Carlie  

Carlie has been part of the Golden Lamb team for seven months. She plans to become a scuba instructor after graduation, furthering her education in scuba diving and continuing her conservation efforts. She says that her time at the Golden Lamb has taught her that “service with a smile helps everyone,” and says having a good attitude can change your whole night.   


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