Golden Lamb: Ohio's Oldest Culinary Gem

January 16, 2024  |  golden lamb, in the news
golden lamb restaurant and hotel

The Oldest Restaurant in Every State

By Olivia White for VinePair 

Today, there are new and exciting restaurants opening their doors every week, eager to serve their dishes to guests. But what about the establishments that have been standing for decades? After all, with many restaurants closing just as quickly as they opened, there’s certainly something to be said for these restaurants’ impressive longevity. 

The majority of the oldest restaurants in the nation were established sometime in the 19th and 20th centuries, and sometimes before their home states even joined the union. Others, like Rhode Island’s The White Horse Tavern and Virginia’s Red Fox Inn predate the United States itself and have an ambiance to prove it. Given their historic nature, many of the venues below have retained their original names, declaring themselves taverns, saloons, or inns. 

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