Golden Lamb featured in CIncinnati Enquirer's list of oldest Ohio restaurants

May 10, 2024
cincinnati enquirer
The Shaker Room at The Golden Lamb. Meg Vogel/The Enquirer

5 of Cincinnati's oldest restaurants (and what to order at each one)

By Keith Pandolfi, Cincinnati Enquirer

"It’s hard to figure out why certain restaurants have more staying power than others. Are they family-owned? Do they offer a mix of updated and classic dishes? Is their longevity based on pure nostalgia? No matter what the answer is, Cincinnatians are lucky to have so many restaurants that are a century (or in one case, more than two centuries) old.

Below are five of our oldest restaurants and my recommendations on the must-try dishes at each one. As an added bonus, I've included who was president of the United States when they opened."

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