About Us


The Golden Lamb


When Jonas Seaman traveled from New Jersey to Ohio in 1803 and spent $4 for a license to operate a “house of Public Entertainment” on Broadway in the newly-founded village of Lebanon, he could never have imagined that more than 200 years later his establishment would still be offering food and lodging for travelers. Seaman’s establishment got its name from the sign hung outside the business – an image of a golden lamb. In early times it was not uncommon for business to be associated with symbols as many in that period were unable to read.

The Golden Lamb owes its early success due to location – halfway between Cincinnati and the National Road (now U.S. Route 40). The Golden Lamb has hosted a number of historical figures, including 12 United States Presidents (from as far back as John Quincy Adams to as recent as George W. Bush), and today is still serving excellent cuisine to guests from all over the country.

Since 1803, we've been a community gathering place for neighbors, travelers, statesmen, presidents, families and friends.  Our legacy runs deep - infused with a spirit of hospitality, accented by the flavors of history and framed by inspiring events. We are proud to be one of America's most historical inns, and Ohio's longest continually operated business. We've captured the rich heritage of the nearby Shaker settlement, Wisdom's Paradise, in two museum rooms filled with period Shaker furniture and rare artifacts.  

The history of our innkeepers over two centuries is displayed in the museum room of a 19th century innkeeper's daughter, Sara.  The family of the inn's longest-serving innkeeper, Robert Jones, who purchased the property in 1926 continue to own the Golden Lamb today.  We invite you to share our hospitality making your own new memories.