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Sarah's Room

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Sarah's Room

Sarah's room is located on the fourth floor of Ohio's Oldest Inn. Sarah Stubbs was the daughter of Isaac and Eunice Stubbs. When Isaac died, Eunice and her children moved to The Golden Lamb where Albert Stubbs  (Sarah's uncle) took over the Golden Lamb after her father, Isaac died in 1882.  Sarah grew up in the Golden Lamb and many believe her ghost still roams the building today.

This recreation of a little girl's bedroom has been named in her honor. The rocking chair was given to Sarah by her aunt and bedside table was family treasure given to her grandmother as wedding present in 1834.

Shaker Good Room

This Shaker Good Room is one of three museum viewing rooms located on the fourth floor. This room is a re-creation of a Shaker keeping room and pantry. Many of the items found in the museum room were made at Union Village, a Shaker settlement just four miles from Lebanon.

Shaker Retiring Room

This Shaker Retiring Room is located on the fourth floor of Ohio's Oldest Inn. Peg boards along the wall demonstrate the utilization of space in the Shaker home and a much simplier lifestyle.