William Howard Taft Room

William Howard Taft Room

In 1898, William Howard Taft, the 27th U.S. President, sat on the 6th U.S. Circuit Court Bench in Cincinnati. On November 22 of that year, a former member of that court, George R. Sage, died in Lebanon, Ohio. Sage was the son-in-law of Gov. Tom Corwin after whom the Corwin Dining Room on our second floor is named. Upon hearing of Sage’s death Judge Taft said, “No Judge was more influential in his courtroom in working out justice than he.”

Out of “high esteem [and] respect for his memory” the entire court came to Lebanon for his funeral on a special four-car train. Taft was one of 12 honorary pallbearers at the funeral in the First Baptist Church, which was located two blocks north of The Golden Lamb on Warren Street. A dinner took place at the Lebanon House, which was the Golden Lamb’s name then, for those who had made the trip.

The William Howard Taft Room is a spacious fourth floor corner room with a queen-size bed.