Dewitt Clinton Room

DeWitt Clinton Room

DeWitt Clinton, a former U.S. senator, mayor of New York City and governor of New York, came to Lebanon, Ohio on July 22, 1825. The occasion was to celebrate the beginning of the Ohio and Miami Canal, the day before, in Middletown, Ohio, 12 miles to the west.

Present were Ohio’s U.S. Senator, and future U.S. President, William Henry Harrison and the U. S. Secretary of State Henry Clay, both of whom have dining rooms named after them on The Golden Lamb’s second floor. Also there was Ohio Governor Jeremiah Morrow, who, like Clinton, has a guest room named after him. Clinton is called “the Father of the Erie Canal” because he was largely responsible for the construction of that canal in New York. It was the first major transportation system to connect the Great Lakes to America’s eastern seaboard.

The DeWitt Clinton Room has a lace canopy custom three-quarter bed and is located on our third floor.